Little League umpire accused of raping teen, giving her meth called FOX 13 before turning himself in

Editor's Note: Snippets of Wearmouth's voicemail can be heard in the video above. 

The Little League umpire accused of raping a teenager and giving her meth called FOX 13 News before turning himself into law enforcement on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, FOX 13 News first reported on the disturbing allegations surrounding the Little League baseball umpire. Authorities put out a $500,000 warrant for the arrest of 58-year-old Michael Alan Wearmouth for the charges related to child rape and giving drugs to a teen.

On Wednesday, Sept. 28, Wearmouth called FOX 13 at 3:30 a.m. and left a two-minute voice message.

"This is Michael Wearmouth. About the allegations, they’re not true. They’re false," Wearmouth said in the voice message left for FOX 13 News.

In the voice message, Wearmouth says he was a friend of the victim's family and a friend of the teenage victim. He says the charges he is facing stem from a dispute between himself and the family.

"This is about a motor, an engine, that I sold somebody, a brand-new motor, transmission, and headlight assemblies. I thought it was a friend of mine. After they took possession of it, they refused to pay for it. So, I destroyed the engine, and this is revenge for that. A week later I was charged with this," he said.

Wearmouth also claims the charges against him are not physically possible.


Little League umpire accused of drugging, raping child in King County turns himself in

A man charged with raping a child and giving her drugs turned himself in after King County authorities put a nationwide $500,000 warrant out for his arrest.

"They charged me with rape. June 25th, 2019, I had both testicles removed, testicular cancer," he said. "Then, I endured seven months of the worst aggressive chemotherapy there is," he added. "I haven’t been able to have sex, or any sexual desires in three years," Wearmouth said.

According to the investigation, the teenage victim addressed Wearmouth’s condition. The documents say the teen told investigators, "Mike can’t get anyone pregnant anymore" and said, "he has cancer."

However, the court documents also state Wearmouth did have intercourse with the child, and that he also engaged in other sexual acts with her.

The documents also included transcripts of messages, allegedly sent between Wearmouth and the teen on social media. The messages reference a sexual relationship.

Here is an excerpt, verbatim, from the conversations within the investigation documents:

Teen victim:  "U miss what??" 

Teen victim: "If it’s me it’s only cuz of sex I think that’s ur opinion lmao, ion know thho"                    

Wearmouth: "No it’s not. If I miss sex, that much, there are other women. So reason why, I miss can’t be for the sex 

FOX 13 News called Wearmouth around 2:45 p.m. on Wednesday to ask follow-up questions, however, he did not answer.

We learned that he turned himself in at the King County Sheriff’s Office South precinct around 3:30 p.m.

He was booked into jail later in the evening. Wearmouth's first appearance in court is scheduled for Thursday.