Local gymnastic community stunned over Nassar's long history of abuse

NORTH BEND - The art of gymnastics is more than technique and physical strength - it’s also about overcoming fears.

But lately the owner of Mount Si Gymnastics has been fighting her own emotions.

“It’s so heartbreaking, I can’t watch it all,” Kathy Caro said.

Caro is stunned over the number of gymnasts who suffered sexual abuse at the hands of Dr. Larry Nassar.

“He was an incredibly well-trusted doctor,” Caro said.

And she’s disappointed with an institution that looked the other way.

The national organization of USA Gymnastics is going to take a big hit.

"Things have to change, whether that means there is a totally new organization,” Caro said.

The national story is having a local impact.

“Coaches are talking, gym owners are talking,” Caro said.

Caro says she is usually trusting of people but now she’s changed.

“Unfortunately it’s not to trust anybody,” Caro said.

At Mount Si Gymnastics, there are several rules in place already to ensure kids are safe.

For one, a coach is never allowed to be alone with a child.

Even the youngest kids have to be potty trained and go to the bathroom by themselves.

And for injuries, Caro says her gymnasts go to their own doctors, and that’s why she’s urging all parents to talk about boundaries with their kids now.

“We started already going to the pediatrician being told you know these private area are just for you and your parents only,” parent Alethea Wright said.

If there is any good from all the bad, it’s the fact that young girls are now hearing this.

“Letting those girls know they have the power, that it’s not OK, no matter who it is, if it’s uncomfortable, to speak up,” Caro said.