Local rock 'n' roll haven to stay closed

SEATTLE -- The Comet Tavern, a divey, dingy, haven for some of Seattle's greatest rock n' roll shows won't reopen its doors after shutting them for the last time this month.

According to the Comet's Facebook page, the owner of the iconic tavern removed the sound system and other items of value from the venue sometime last week, and all remaining shows have been re-booked to other local venues.

"So it looks like we are kaput unless another owner decides to lease the place from the building owner and maintain it as the Comet Tavern," the tavern's Facebook page read.

The Comet shut its doors a week ago due to "a water bill/lease issue," the Seattle Times reported. A closed sign has since hung on the window. Rock n' rollers around Seattle have voiced their opinion of the closing on Facebook.

"Wow...," Facebook user Missy Lacey wrote. "This is utterly heartbreaking. We all have so many memories there."

A benefit for Comet Tavern employees is planned for 8 p.m. Wednesday at the Highline. The cost of entrance is $6.