Local woman helps homeless sign up for stimulus checks

EVERETT, Wash. - A local woman is doing what she can to help people experiencing homelessness during this pandemic.

For years, Penelope Protheroe has worked with people experiencing homelessness. It's a passion for her, so much so that she created a non-profit called Angel Resource Connection about three years ago. Her organization works to provide food, clothing, and housing.

Protheroe works on the streets, providing warm meals and other services to those in need. On Thursday, she worked underneath the I-5 overpass in Everett.

“I tell people I love them,” she said.

Recently, Protheroe says she has noticed a new need within the community.

She says people experiencing homelessness were unaware of the $1,200 stimulus check they can receive from the federal government.

“They didn’t know what we’re talking about, and we realized there is a problem here,” she said.

She began working, not just to make people aware, but also help them sign up to receive their checks.

“So many people, it could change their lives if they got a check,” said Protheroe.

Protheroe is setting up in areas where people experiencing homelessness congregate in Everett.

She is offering book bags to anyone who provides information about themselves.

Specifically, she is collecting information to help sign these people up for the non-filers options with the IRS. She asks questions like if they have an e-mail address, or a stable physical address.

Protheroe is also continuing to do her usual service, providing blankets, hot meals and care packages, including things like face masks and sanitizer to people in need.

For Protheroe, helping these folks is a cause that is very important to her. In 2008, Protheroe’s older sister, Kimberly, died. At the time of her death, she was homeless, said Protheroe.

“When my sister died of hyperthermia, it changed my life,” she said. “It’s heartbreaking when your effort isn’t enough."

The work she does now is in honor of her sister.

Protheroe says each person experiencing homelessness is a brother, sister, parent or child to someone. She says she knows her sister would be proud of the work she is doing.

On Monday, Protheroe will be back out, working to get people signed up as non-filers with the IRS so they can receive their check.

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