Man arrested for DUI allegedly drove with five kids not buckled in

TACOMA -- A man with a previous DUI conviction was arrested Saturday night for allegedly driving drunk with five children and two other adults in the car. The children, between the ages of three and eight, weren't wearing proper seat belts, the Tacoma News Tribune reported.

Troopers pulled over the 34-year-old man at 11:30 p.m. Saturday on State Route 410 for allegedly weaving into the center lane and right shoulder of the road, the News Tribune reported. The suspect was driving with a suspended license and was driving without the interlock ignition device required for previous DUI offenders.

The man was arrested for a DUI following a roadside blood-alcohol test that determined he was legally impaired.

The five children riding in the car were improperly buckled in, with three kids completely unrestrained and two others sharing a lap belt, police said. The man was also cited for reckless endangerment of children and Child Protective Services was notified.

The two other adults in the car had also been drinking.