Microsoft Build opens in Seattle with focus on artificial intelligence and cloud computing.

SEATTLE -- An estimated 6,000 app and computer developers have converged at the Washington State Convention Center for an event called Microsoft Build.

During the keynote address, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on Monday set the tone for the conference.

"The world is becoming a computer,” said Nadella. “Computing is getting embedded in every person, place and thing.”

And while that may sound scary for some, for Satya, addressing the developers in the room, he sees it both as an opportunity and a responsibility.

“We also have a responsibility as a tech industry to build trust in technology,” he said.

Especially when it comes to artificial intelligence and cloud computing. Both of which are big parts of Microsoft’s future. For developers, it’s exciting for them too.

"It's going to be really useful for a lot of applications. There are a lot of things we do day-to-day that contain a lot of artificial intelligence,” said Tobi Abiodun, a developer from Toronto.

One of the first interesting moments of the keynote address was a collaboration of sorts, between two competing devices, Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana.

“We just believe that we should have our technology wherever our customers want it to be. That's why we put office to the iPhone and to Android,” said Chris Capossela, Microsoft’s chief marketing officer.

That's not the only collaboration. Microsoft also announced partnerships with DJI drones, which will allow companies to share information from the drone itself using Microsoft's Azure cloud platform. Microsoft also announced a partnership with Qualcomm Technologies which is developing a cloud-based camera.

Redmond-based Microsoft even unveiled how they’re changing the typical office meeting by introducing spatial imaging by using a Hololens.

But for Microsoft, this was about using technology to benefit everybody. The company also announced a $25 million, five-year program to help inspire development of technology that help people with disabilities.

"We hope you can bring your ingenuity and passion to help the one plus billion people in this world who have disabilities,” said Nadella.

Microsoft Build runs until Wednesday.