Mom angry after 4-year-old comes home from day care with 3 teeth missing

LEAVENWORTH, Kan. -- For weeks, a Kansas woman says her 4-year-old has been afraid to go to day care – now, the child's mother is speaking out after her little girl came home with three teeth missing.

“Yes, I’m upset," Donisha Franklin told WDAF. "I’m afraid for my child because my child is asking me for help, and I have yet to see anyone help us."

Franklin said when her daughter, Heaven, came home from Kingdom Christian Academy on March 1, she immediately noticed her child had a swollen nose.

The metro mother said she took a closer look and saw that three of Heaven’s front teeth were missing and her top lip bruised. Heaven told her mom she was in the Leavenworth day care’s gym after school when a boy beat her up.

“She said one of the students from her class pushed her down and knocked her teeth out," Franklin said. "This is another 4-year-old that we’re talking about. I never received a phone call from anyone at the day care, and you would think when something like this happens, that they have certain procedures to follow."

Heaven told her mom after the incident her teacher put a cold towel on her injuries.

“When I went up there, the teacher who was monitoring the class did apologize, and she told me my daughter and the boy had an altercation," Franklin said. "I know kids play all the time and fall down, but the way her mouth was and her teeth missing, I don’t believe that was an accident for one second."

However, David Walker, the overseer of the day care and pastor of the adjoining church said the little girl caused her own injuries when she fell, and no other child was involved in the incident. Walker declined to talk on camera.

In the meantime, Franklin contacted Leavenworth police, the Kansas Department for Children and Families and she now plans to reach out to a lawyer.

“I have removed my child from that day care because she’s afraid for her safety, and I’m worried about her safety," Franklin said. "She said she doesn’t want to go back to that school because 'the monsters are going to get her.' Those were her exact words.”