Moms cleaning up Everett park find gun; 'This is where I take my son'

EVERETT, Wash. -- A group of mothers who remove trash from Everett parks found a gun on Saturday. Something they said they were not expecting.

"This is my park. This is where I take my son. It's really scary," said Mary Fosse, chairwoman of the Delta Neighborhood Association.

During a cleanup, Take Back Our Neighborhood volunteers found a gun stuffed in a tree stump at Henry Jackson Park.

It was turned in to police.

"Knowing that a gun had been out here and could have been found by a child -- that's devastating," said Cate Harrington with Take Back Our Neighborhood.

Harrington said they always anticipate finding trash, human waste, and even drug paraphernalia-- including needles, but a gun was new.

Take Back Our Neighborhood partnered with the Delta Neighborhood Association for Saturday's clean up.

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