Mother of Lindsey Baum speaks out publicly for first time since daughter’s remains recovered

MCCLEARY, Wash. – For the first time since law enforcement announced the recovery of Lindsey Baum’s remains, her mother, Melissa, spoke to the media about the case.

Lindsey’s remains were finally discovered after a nearly decade-long search for the missing girl.

Ten-year-old Lindsey went missing from her hometown of McCleary in the summer of 2009; her remains were discovered by hunters in central Washington last fall and announced by the Grays Harbor County sheriff last month, after the FBI forensics confirmed the identification.

“I attempted to write a statement on what exactly to say to convey what I feel, there are no words,” said Melissa. “The fact is a monster stole my 10-year-old little girl and they murdered her and they dumped her like trash in the woods.”

Baum spoke out publicly for the first time since her daughter’s body was recovered from a remote section of Central Washington. She thanked the multiple law enforcement agencies for continuing to keep Lindsey’s disappearance a priority and the public for their support.

“Anyone that’s ever said a prayer for my daughter, I just want to reach out and let you know that I greatly appreciate it,” she said.

In 2009, Lindsey went missing from the small town of McCleary, west of Olympia. Then in the fall of 2017, hunters found human remains about 20 miles west of Ellensburg. Earlier this year, the FBI determined they belonged to Lindsey.

More than 500 law enforcement officials searched the Manastash area where Lindsey’s remains were discovered. The area is so remote, police say, that hunters are typically the only people who would frequent the area.

“You’d really have to be familiar with the area, either through hunting or hiking or something,” said Kittitas County Sheriff Gene Dana. “You'd have to have been there before because it goes back a long way into the wilderness.”

Investigators won’t release what evidence they have recovered from the area where Lindsey’s body was found because it could include information key to finding her killer.

“We need to keep the information that’s developing to ourselves because at this point the only people who know that information are us and the people responsible for this homicide and kidnapping,’ said Grays Harbor County Sheriff Rick Scott.

Now police are fielding new tips that are pouring in and interviewing people who may hold the key to solving Lindsey’s murder.

Since 2009, the Baum family has held out hope for a miracle that Lindsey would return home safe; now they’re praying her killer is held accountable.

“The people who did this to Lindsey deserve to be punished,” said Melissa. “The children still out there, your children, deserve to be safe -- and as long as we allow monsters like this in our streets, none of our children are safe.”

A poster showing Lindsey’s face in downtown McCleary won’t be taken down but will be updated to help keep this story in the public eye.

Law enforcement say they’re still gathering clues and have asked anyone who might have information to come forward to help solve this case.