Nearly $1 million worth of cancer medication stolen from semi-truck

GILES COUNTY, Tenn. - Authorities in Tennessee report a semi-truck headed to Dothan, AL with medication for cancer patients was stolen from a truck stop Thursday.

The truck driver stopped for fuel at the Pilot Truck Stop on Lewisburg Highway around 8:30 p.m. When he returned from the store, he said the truck was gone, according to WHNT.

According to the Giles County Sheriff's Department, the 18-wheeler was hauling two pallets of about 1300 vials of Octagam, a medication used by cancer patients with an estimated value of $965,000. The vehicle belonged to Arman Transport from Louisville, Kentucky

Surveillance video shows what is believed to be a Red Volvo semi truck and trailer following the driver into the truck stop lot. A person then got out of the Volvo and took the truck and trailer.

The Volvo and the stolen vehicle then headed South on Interstate 65.

Authorities found the stolen truck and trailer in Giles County Friday morning, but all the medication had been removed.

Giles County officials are asking anyone who may have seen another truck and trailer with the one in the picture to please call investigators at 931-363-3505.