New surveillance video shows missing Seattle man at bus stop

SEATTLE -- A Seattle man has vanished without a trace.

Now Jeremiah Foco’s friends are doing their own detective work and they have uncovered a valuable clue -- surveillance video.

Facing a dead end in the search, the new surveillance video is now giving family members renewed hope.

It’s a quick shot but family and friends say they are sure cameras captured Foco going down the stairs at the International District station off of 5th and Jackson last Wednesday morning.

The software engineer walked to the bus station every morning for his commute to work to Bellevue.

“It’s nice to see him. We know he was OK as of 7:02 Wednesday. It was comforting to see him walk and see the back of his head,” friend Jocelyn Coimbre said.

Friends say surveillance shows Foco making it down to the tunnel but after that there is no trace of him.

That’s because once Foco makes it down the stairs, there is a glitch in the surveillance video so there is no footage showing where he may have gone once he got into the tunnel.

Foco's parents traveled from Michigan to Seattle hoping to find more answers. They say it’s unlike their son not to call. They say Foco would never intentionally disappear.

“Foul play is the only thing I can think of,” father Edward Foco said.

Friends say AT&T records revealed a ping from Jeremiah’s cell phone in downtown Seattle but without a subpoena they cannot narrow down the exact location of the ping.

“It’s like he disappeared from the face of the earth,” mother Renay Charchan said.

There are no charges on any of his bank accounts since Wednesday.

“The whole missing him and worrying about him is getting kind of old,” Coimbre said.

His loved ones say Foco was hard not to like, a sociable 34-year-old who liked to laugh and joke around.

As of Tuesday, Seattle Police say there is no evidence of foul play. Police say they have checked with area hospitals, fire departments and even the King County Medical Examiner's Office in their search for Foco.