No more first class seats? Airline industry looks to future

SEATTLE -- Lets play a game, shall we? I'll show you a word and you tell me the first thing that comes to mind.

Air travel ...... Middle seat .... Airplane food

Put you in a bad mood? Take you back to the time you were in an uncomfortable seat, next to a screaming baby for hours? You're not alone.

Ever wonder who designs the airline interiors we so enjoy (or not)?

Enter the Aircraft Interiors Expo: Americas, a conference dedicated to showcasing what's coming down the line in everything from seats to amenities and though it may not seem like it the companies in attendance spend their time thinking about the customer experience. Its called emotional ergonomics and it’s a science that helps dictate what goes into each and every plane.

This year's AIX event was held in Seattle and showcased the future of air travel.

Event highlights inlcude:

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