Pac-12 leaders could delay or nix football season over coronavirus health concerns

Presidents and chancellors of all the schools in the Pac-12 on Tuesday are supposed to discuss the options for this year's college football season by conference call.

Options include delaying the season slightly, postponing it until the spring, or proceed as scheduled.

Cal and Stanford currently have games set for Sept. 16. 

During the conference call, school presidents and chancellors will hear health issues.

There are concerns about reports that young athletes who contract coronavirus, don't have severe immediate symptoms, but then later, have problems with inflamed heart muscles.

Schools across the country are having to balance the health risks, with the financial impact or canceling the college football season.

Earlier this month, a group of anonymous Pac-12 players wrote an open letter under the hashtag #WeAreUnited, saying they wanted the universities to make sure they did not lose eligibility or scholarships if they sat out the 2020 football season because of COVID-19 health concerns.

Jim Gray, a sportscaster said that they've estimated between "75 million to 125 million for each of these universities, and, and it's just not only going to affect all of the sports programs, but, a lot of major other programs that the university depends upon this revenue for, so, it's devastating."

The Mountain West Conference, which includes San Jose State,  has already announced the cancellation of college football this fall. They may postpone the season to next spring.

Also on Tuesday, the leaders of the schools in the Big 10 could make an official announcement about calling off the 2020 college football season.