Parents concerned over dangerous school zones

SEATTLE -- Monday marks the first day of school throughout the Puget Sound and parents walking with their children to school voiced their concerns over dangerous school zones.

Roxhill Elementary in West Seattle is right beside a busy, four-lane road. Neighbors say Roxbury is notorious for speeding traffic.The posted speed limit is 30 mph but when school is in session, it drops to 20 mph.

It's just one of several school zones where parents are concerned about speeding cars.

This afternoon, Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn will hold a news event announcing plans to make several area school districts safer.

Last year, the city installed traffic enforcement cameras at several Seattle schools.Hundreds of drivers caught breaking the speed limit received tickets in the mail. Statistics show speeding in those areas has dropped significantly.

The mayor will make his announcement in front of Dearborn Elementary this morning at 11 a.m.