Piglets born at Washington State Fair

Lanny the sow nurses her piglets. Photo Courtesy: Washington State Fair

Barns at the Washington State Fair are bursting with life. Among the newest additions are eleven piglets, born to mother Lanny on Sept. 11. The family tree will grow even larger with the delivery of a litter from Lanny's sister, Lonny, scheduled for Sept. 17. Another sow, Spider, gave birth before the fair started.

The sows belong to the Howard young Family, which brings sows to the fair every year, with one due to deliver at the beginning of the fair and one in the middle. Generally, it takes three months, three weeks and three days for cute piglets to enter the world.

A 100-pound calf was also born to Twitter, a dairy cow. However the newborn is so shy, that mother and calf will be taken home to a more peaceful setting in Chehalis.

The fair runs through Sept. 22 in Puyallup. Read more about the critters to see here.