Police looking for man who allegedly tried to abduct Lacey girl

LACEY --The attempted abduction happened Sunday evening about 6:30 at the girl’s home in the Thompson Place neighborhood northeast of Lacey.

Like a lot of other youngsters, the 10-year-old girl was doing chores in her own driveway in front of her own home when the man drove up.

"Some guy in a green car pulled up, in the driveway, jumped out and tried to snatch her.  She had some kind of fight with him and he left,” neighbor and family friend Jimmy Burton said.

Burton lives right across the street.

He has two daughters of his own and this makes him very nervous.

"It infuriated me that I have to think that much about where everybody is all the time.  But, you just have to, and it made me mad is what it did,” Burton said.

Police are concerned, too.

They believe the man is dangerous and may try to grab another child if he is not caught .

"Anytime somebody is willing in the daylight hours or any time really but especially like this, come into a neighborhood and try to apprehend a kid is very concerning to us,” Thurston County sheriff’s Sgt. Ray Brady said.

Local school officials are concerned, too.

So much so that early Monday afternoon the district sent out a recorded voice mail message to parents.

The suspect is described as a younger Hispanic man, 5-foot-8 with a skinny build, dark skin, and dark buzz cut.

He was driving an older, beat-up, dark green Honda-type vehicle, possibly a Civic or Corolla, with peeling paint.

Parents say, unfortunately, they are not surprised and this latest attack re-enforces the need for parents everywhere to watch their children even more closely than they do now.

"It's not that I think this is a bad neighborhood, it's just kind of a sign of the times, I fear.  It's like always being on guard even when you're in what should be your safe place, you know, your home and you're always on guard,” neighbor Cathy Burton said.

Investigators say they will begin working Tuesday with the girl to see if she can give them enough information for a composite sketch of the suspect.

They believe that, along with the description of the car, will be their best chance of catching this man before he tries to take another child.

Anyone with information is urged to call 911.