Police: Man goes on groping spree in Pioneer Square, at least 4 women say he grabbed them

SEATTLE -- A man was arrested Wednesday in Pioneer Square after police said he went for blocks from woman to woman grabbing and touching them inappropriately.

The gropings happened during the lunch hour when the neighborhood sidewalks were crowded with people, law enforcement sources told Q13 FOX News.

The first reports began coming in from 2nd and Yesler that a man was walking up to women who were on their mobile phones and grabbing them in the crotch area. Within a few minutes there were at least 5 calls to 911, according to law enforcement.

Police said some of the women, joined by witnesses on the street, began following the man. With his alleged victims in pursuit, the suspect continued grabbing women as he walked down 2nd Avenue, police said.

When officers caught up to the suspect near Occidental Avenue and S. King Street, the man flopped onto the ground. Police called for medics, who said the suspect did not appear to be suffering from any medical issues, aside from being very intoxicated.

At least three victims were able to identify the suspect, and officers booked the man into the King County Jail for Indecent Liberties.