Police: Naked, thirsty man claiming to be from the Bible goes on rampage

THURSTON COUNTY -- Officers are investigating why a naked man claiming to be "Joseph from the Bible" broke into a garage, assaulted a woman who tried to give him a water and stole a bike before five cops could subdue him long enough to give him a sedative, Thuston County sheriff's deputies said.

Late Tuesday afternoon, sheriff's deputies received multiple calls of a "crazy" man roaming Beach Way NE, the Thurston County Sheriff's Office said.

Sheriff's deputies drove to the scene to find a completely nude man covered in blood and riding a bike. The man was breathing heavily and speaking nonsense, deputies said, and when they approached him, he resisted and grew aggressive.

Officers used a Taser to subdue the man, but it had little affect and he ran off. The man was chased by five officers and tackled, but only after a struggle were they able to subdue him long enough so medics could give him a sedative.

"It took all five deputies and officers to restrain and handcuff the subject," Thurston County Sheriff's Officer John Snaza said. "He was very hostile and resisting."

During the fight, the man allegedly referred to himself as "Joseph from the Bible," officers said.

The man was taken to St. Peter's Hospital for evaluation where he is currently in critical care. His true identity is unknown. Police are unsure how he received his injuries.

Witnesses later told police the man walked into an open garage in the 8700 block of 51st Way NE and approached a female homeowner. The woman told police the man was naked, and he complained he was thirsty. She gave him a bottle of water and asked him to leave. When he did not, she grabbed a shovel and told him to get out of the house. The man then stole her bike and road off, and she called police.

The man allegedly yelled at others in the neighborhood before police could arrive. His clothes were located at various locations around the neighborhood, police said.

The bicycle was returned to the woman.

Anyone who has information on the man should call Thurston County Sheriff's Office at 360-754-2933.