Police officer rescues cat from garbage disposal

WAYNE, Pa. - Lynn Naimoli had a bit of a catastrophe with her 2 year-old cat, Sam.

Her husband heard noises coming from their kitchen around midnight last Saturday.

“We heard things being thrown out here and that usually means there’s a problem,” she told WPHL. “He came out here and Sam’s head was stuck in the garbage disposal.”

Naimoli couldn’t believe their eyes.

“I was scared,” she said. “I didn’t know what to do!”

She called her son, who is a volunteer firefighter, and he started to dismantle the garbage disposal.

“We coconut oiled him and tried to get him back up but it just didn’t work.”

After two hours and no luck, she decided to call police. Tredyffrin Township Police Sergeant Brian Hughes responded.

“He used a little bit more coconut oil and got off a metal ring around his neck,” she said.

That coconut oil turned out to be the perfect solution.

”They started pushing it back up and after about an hour we were able to get him out,” she said.

Naimoli says that Sam had a few scratches and scrapes, but was otherwise okay.

“The only thing he needed was sleep and he slept for several days,” she said.

She’s calling Sergeant Hughes a hero for his help and smooth thinking.

“With the help of officer Hughes, we survived and it was great, he was very great.”