Potential terror plot closes embassies; prompts travel alert

WASHINGTON -- A potential terror plot has the U.S. government scrambling to warn travelers and close U.S. embassies around the world.

Authorities want to remind folks to be aware of their surroundings while not only travelling by plane but also boat, train and subway.

The CIA and the National Security Agency have been monitoring intelligence tips. We know some message involving senior Al Qaeda operatives was intercepted and Washington panicked. This has prompted a worldwide travel warning and the closure of embassies all over the Middle East and North Africa. And just yesterday that closure was extended for another week.

Navy warships are just off the coast of Yemen ready to react to any potential violence. Yemen is a country where Al Qaeda is known to be active.

Those in the know don’t seem to know what’s coming and say a terrorist attack could come from anywhere at any time.

Peter King is a Representative from New York and sits on the Intelligence Committee. He said, “it basically could be in Europe. It could be in the United States. It could be a series of combined attacks. It could be the same concept as the 2006 liquid explosive planned attacks where there were going to be a series of attacks carried out almost simultaneously. So, we need to be ready for everything.”

The travel alert issued on Friday doesn't expire until the end of August.