Recess canceled: Fear of errant arrows from hunters force elementary school kids inside

GRAHAM, Wash. -- It’s hunting season, but a group of parents in Pierce County are outraged that the fear of stray arrows has kept their kids inside for days.

The decision at Kapowsin Elementary has left parents angry and kids confused.

It wasn’t just the rain keeping kids indoors -- hunters searching for game near the school caused recess to be canceled.

Parents who talked to Q13 Fox News had no idea what was happening until we told them.

“I didn’t know, this is ridiculous,” said parent Janine Kramer.

“I didn’t know what to think,” said Rachel Wang. “I would hope that we would be told about something like that.”

Parent after parent had no idea that a property near the grade school had been approved by the landowner to be used for bow hunting.

“Go somewhere else,” suggested Wang. People “shouldn’t be hunting around kids or where the population is.”

After neighbors learned there would be hunting on a nearby property, administrators decided kids needed to stay inside – fearing a hunter’s stray arrow could hurt someone.

But  Kramer said the district never warned her, and she only learned about the hunting concern Thursday.

“I’m dropping my kid off at school every day thinking he’s going to be safe, and, yes, he was safe inside,” she said, “But that’s the thing, he was inside. He didn’t get to release his extra energy.”

Parents also shared frustration at the hunters, wondering why they would choose a location so close to little kids.

“That’s kind of scary that they’re gonna close recess because of hunting,” said Kramer.

The hunters have ended their search for game, according to adjacent property owner.

A district spokeswoman said the kids will play outside during recess Friday.

Parents want the school district to tell them first if something like this happens again.