Renton teen accidentally shot by friend, shooter was ordered to stay away: docs

Bail was set at $1 million for a 16-year-old boy suspected of killing another teen in Renton over the weekend. The teen was on electronic home monitoring for another shooting at the time of the incident.

The shooting was reported on April 13 in a neighborhood near Highlands Elementary School.

Close friends identified 15-year-old Jaime Villeda as the teen who was shot and killed in the incident. 

Renton Police said the 16-year-old shooter called 911 saying he shot someone, and he stayed at the scene while first responders rushed Villeda to the hospital. The suspect was then arrested, and the gun was taken away. Police confirmed the victim and suspect knew each other.

The 911 conversation went like this: "Hey, uh, hello, hello, hey, I shot my friend by accident. Please send an ambulance right now, please, please." Villalobos gives his address and can be heard yelling "no," "please," and the victim’s name. When asked what happened, Villalobos can be heard saying "I accidentally shot him." Villalobos appears to be crying as he continues to speak with the 911 call receiver," court documents detailed. 

Surveillance video from the residence appears to corroborate the suspect's story. 

The victim arrives at a home, then disappears from the camera angle, but knocking can be heard in the audio, according to court documents. Two voices can be heard on camera, believed to be Villeda and the suspect. 

Then, a noise that sounds like a gunshot can be heard immediately followed by a person yelling "no!" and repeating Villeda's name in "clear panic and distress." The 911 call was placed shortly after. 

"In this case, he had gained access to a firearm, specifically as law enforcement noted a "ghost gun" that would be untraceable and shot and killed the victim, who was 15 years old," said prosecutor Logan Bryant.

The prosecutor mentioned the 16-year-old was on electronic home monitoring (EHM) when the homicide occurred. Bryant explained the teen was placed on EHM after his involvement in a drive-by shooting in Renton on November 7, 2023, according to police.

It's believed that the victim who was killed was one of the people he shot at in November. 

"In that case, he was identified or alleged to be the shooter and shot a firearm three to four times towards the victims," said Bryant.

During the teen’s first appearance hearing, Judge Veronica Galvan reminded the court of the conditions he was supposed to follow while on EHM for the pending drive-by case.

"Those conditions included no contact with the alleged victim, who is now deceased. Those conditions included no possession of firearms when somebody already has a firearms offense. Had those conditions been met, we would not be here today," said Judge Galvan.

A judge found probable cause to charge him with second-degree manslaughter and second-degree unlawful possession of a firearm. 

The suspect is expected to appear in court on April 18.

Rise in teen crime

In his nearly three decades with the Renton Police Department, Chief Jon Schuldt has never seen crime involving teens happen at this magnitude, and he’s concerned.

"It almost feels like we’re failing a segment of this population," Schuldt said. "We have a generation out there that it seems like there’s no recourse or consequences for what they’re doing."

He adds, it’s ultimately making our communities less safe. Just last week, several teenagers recklessly drove into oncoming traffic in a stolen car after threatening even younger kids with a gun. Then on Wednesday, police arrested five minors in connection to an armed carjacking. They appeared before a judge last week.

Juvenile suspect Trends

Remembering the victim 

Villeda is remembered by close friends from school and church as a joyful, loving young man. 

"We all started breaking down because we would never expect it from Jaime since he was like a really good kid," said a friend of the victim.

The friend was too emotional to reveal her identity because she said she also knew the suspected shooter.

"If you needed anybody to talk to, Jaime was always there for you. He’d always check up on your friends, he’d always be there for his family," said the victim’s friend. "Jaime was a good kid. He was really joyful. His soul was amazing. He was always there for his parents, his family. He always spent time with his sister."

A GoFundMe has been set up for his family. 

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