Salon faces backlash after styling Ivanka Trump

DES MOINES, Iowa  - A salon in Iowa posted a photo on Facebook after they styled Ivanka Trump’s hair, causing controversy among some of its customers.

The president's daughter visited the metro this week to speak with high school students. Ahead of the speaking engagement, Salon Spa W's owner China Wong says she was contacted by people traveling with Trump, according to WHO.

The salon's post generated hundreds of comments and dozens of shares from angry customers. Some threatened to take their business elsewhere, and others voiced their opinions about the women in the picture.

However, some people, like Staci Williams, think the Facebook post has been blown out of proportion.

"I think there is a line where there is an opportunity to really be an advocate for women, but also I respect businesses' rights to earn a living and run a business," she says.

Norwalk resident Liz Bryant feels similarly. "Everybody thinks that their views are the right views, and I feel like that's probably where we are lost," she said.

The salon, which sits only a few blocks away from the State Capitol, praises itself for serving political candidates and lawmakers, including former president Barack Obama.

In a statement, the salon's owner says, "While we are not a partisan organization we do see it as part of our mission to welcome people to Des Moines and serve everyone. We share images of our clients, some that are recognizable public figures, to showcase our work. We believe everyone matters and deserves our indiscriminate care and kindness."