SEA Airport warns passengers that Friday is projected to be 'the busiest day ever'

The Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) tweeted on Thursday that tomorrow (June 23) is projected to be "the busiest day ever" at the airport. 

The airport projects around 72,655 outbound travelers are expected to go through checkpoints. With arrivals, that's about 196,000 people through the airport throughout the day, the airport said. 

Tips for navigating a busy airport: 

  • Arrive early. Give yourself plenty of time to get through long security lines and long lines of cars at the departures and arrivals drive. It's recommended to arrive two (2) hours before your flight for domestic flights and three (3) hours before your flight for international trips. HOWEVER, because of the expected lines, you might want to tack on an hour to those arrival times.
  • SEA Spot Saver: Available at TSA checkpoints 2 and 3, the Spot Saver allows you to reserve a spot in the TSA security line.
  • Consider applying for TSA PreCheck for your next trip ($78 per year), and use it if you have it. The PreCheck saves you time at the security checkpoint.
  • Know TSA guidelines before you get into the security checkpoint line. Know what can go in a carry-on, what items are prohibited and what you shouldn't have on you to make the security line move smoothly. See the TSA's full list here.
  • Prebook parking in advance of arrival. 
  • Download the flySEA app for live checkpoint wait times, traveler alerts, parking spot tracker, maps, and more info.