Sea lions move into Shilshole Bay in Seattle

Sea lions have claimed the waters of Shilshole Bay in Seattle, and it is bringing out people from all over to gawk at the massive marine mammals.

Over the last few months, sea lions can be seen and heard in Shilshole Bay. People will line the dock next to Ray’s Boathouse to watch the plump pinnipeds.

"It’s funny because they’re on the 55-gallon drum breakwater there and one of them will get on the wrong way and high side them, and they all fall off. And they'll all just go crazy, trying to get back on, making all sorts of noise; it’s comical," said Doug Zellers, co-owner of Ray’s Boathouse.

Michael Milstein with NOAA Fisheries says there is no specific reason why the sea lions are laying claim to this area, but he says they will not be around long.

Milstein says the sea lions arrived around December, and have spent the last few months bulking up, before they will head toward Southern California to mate.

He says they will most likely leave the waters of Shilshole Bay by late spring.

For some people, the sea lions' departure is welcomed. Milstein says neighbors have complained about the constant noise from the animals.

However, Zellers, who also lives near the area, says he has gotten used to his new neighbors and enjoys being able to see these animals so close.

"It tunes into background noise after a while," he said. "It’s fun to watch," Zellers added.

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