Seahawks, Puyallup Tribe score big for local charities

RENTON, Wash.--The Seattle Seahawks teamed up with The Puyallup Tribe of Indians on Thursday, making a huge impact on the Western Washington community. The tribe donated $500,000 to the Seahawks' charity partners.

Recipient organizations. Each will receive $50,000 from the Puyallup Tribe of Indians: 

    pic with players

    There were plenty of smiles as the $50,000 oversized checks were handed to leaders from the non-profits. The impact will be immediate.

    “This is amazing. This is about 833 nights of safe housing for a homeless mom and kid,” says Melissa Gehrig, the executive director of the Vision House, a Renton-based non-profit that supports homeless people.

    Beth Knox, the president and CEO of the Special Olympics USA Games, said this gift will make a difference for Special Olympics athletes coming to Seattle in July.

    "When these 3,000 athletes land in Seattle," Knox said. "We're responsible for every expense that they have... so this financial support helps to do that."

    For the Seahawks, winning in the community is a top priority.

    “When you see the work that these charities are doing," Seahawks Vice President of Community Outreach Mike Flood said. "It makes you proud that you got to be a part of their work in such a substantial way.”