City of Seattle files lawsuit against 'Belltown Hellcat' driver Miles Hudson

The city of Seattle has taken legal action against Miles Oliver Hudson, known widely as the "Belltown Hellcat" driver, in response to numerous noise violations attributed to his 2023 Dodge Charger, according to court documents.

The complaint, filed in the Municipal Court of the City of Seattle on Tuesday, alleges that Hudson repeatedly violated Seattle's noise control code, causing disturbances to residents and workers in downtown Seattle. The city accuses Hudson of operating his modified vehicle in a manner that exceeds noise limits and disrupts the peace and quiet of the community.

The court documents outline a series of incidents dating back to October 2023, where Hudson's Charger, equipped with a "Hemi" engine, was observed revving loudly, backfiring and producing excessive noise levels on multiple occasions. The complaint highlights various videos posted on Hudson's Instagram account, depicting Hudson driving his vehicle recklessly through city streets while deliberately amplifying its engine noise.

In one such video, "On or about April 16, 2024, an unknown woman is seen driving the Charger with Hudson riding in the front passenger seat. At the beginning of the video, Hudson gives her the keys, and she revs the engine loudly. The video shows the Charger running several yellow or red lights in downtown Seattle, and the engine is heard revving throughout most of the video."

According to the City Attorney's office, Hudson's actions violate several provisions of the Seattle noise control code, including regulations prohibiting the modification of vehicle exhaust systems to increase noise levels and operating vehicles in a manner that disturbs the peace and safety of the community.

In response to complaints from concerned citizens, the Seattle Police Department (SPD) issued verbal warnings and citations to Hudson for his noisy driving behavior. Despite these warnings, the complaint alleges that Hudson continued to operate his vehicle in violation of city ordinances.

The City of Seattle is seeking civil penalties against Hudson, with potential fines of up to $1,300 per day for each violation. Additionally, the city requests that Hudson comply with the requirements of a Notice of Violation issued by the Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections (SDCI), which instructed him to restore his vehicle to compliance with city regulations. Hudson has 20 days to respond to the complaint filed Tuesday.

The City Attorney's office expects the lawsuit to proceed in the coming weeks, pending the court's decision on the matter.

For now, residents and workers in downtown Seattle hope for a resolution that will restore peace and quiet to their neighborhood, free from the disruptive sounds of the "Belltown Hellcat."


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