SEE IT: Arby's admits it MESSED UP, makes new tv advert in over-the-top apology

SANDY SPRINGS, Georgia -- Arby’s really messed up, but now they are trying to make it right.

Apparently the company had a deal with Pepsi to feature the beverage in two of its television ads this year.

But so far they have only shown Pepsi in one and their creative for the rest of the year was already finished.

What’s a brand to do?

Well according to the Wall Street Journal if you are Arby’s then you make a whole new ad showing ONLY a Pepsi for 30-seconds and you have your voice over guy say:

“Arby’s has an agreement to feature their good friend Pepsi in two commercials a year. Well Arby’s messed up and forgot about the second commercial so here it is. Pepsi, cool, refreshing and goes great with Arby’s sandwiches and other Arby’s foods. Arby’s we have Pepsi.”

The advert will actually only run in a few markets this month, including Los Angeles and Minneapolis. But the social media traction it is already getting means it will likely be seen across the country.

By the way when the company posted the advert on YouTube it wrote, “We love you Pepsi. You’re like a meat to us.”