SPD: Several men at-large after robbing elderly couple at gunpoint inside their Beacon Hill home

Police say several men held an elderly couple at gunpoint to steal their safe in Seattle’s Beacon Hill neighborhood on Friday. Now police are asking the public for help in finding the suspects.

According to the Seattle Police Department (SPD), police responded to the residence in the 1330 block of S Ferdinand St. at around 1:00 p.m. When they arrived, they found a nervous 75-year-old man exiting his home.

The victim told police that three to four men entered his home from the backdoor, and pointed guns at him and his 80-year-old wife. The suspects told them not to move, or they would be shot.

The suspects went through the victim’s bedroom and found a gun safe containing foreign cash. Authorities say it took two suspects to carry the safe out of the home.

Before leaving, one suspect pushed the elderly woman to the ground -- injuring her knee. The 75-year-old man was uninjured.

Once the suspects left, the 80-year-old woman walked across the street to ask a neighbor to call police.

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The elderly woman says she saw a white sedan leave the area. Another witness said they saw a silver sedan with tinted windows and no license plates circling the neighborhood before police arrived. 

The suspects are described to be black men wearing all black clothing and black masks.

Police searched the area, but could not find anyone. 

Authorities on scene did say they were able to find a large divot in the neighbors’ backyard, which could have been from the heavy safe landing after being hoisted over the fence.

The SPD is asking anyone with information about the incident to call 911 or the Violent Crimes Tip Line at 206-233-5000.

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This is a developing story.