Staying warm, safe during this week’s cold snap

ARLINGTON, Wash. – Many families are watching and waiting to see when and where more snow could fall. Especially people in parts of Snohomish County, where some saw close to a foot of snow earlier this week.

There was still plenty of snow left on grass and some driveways by Wednesday afternoon.

Most of the main roads appeared to be cleared but there were still plenty of slick spots around.

The Kimball family says nearly 10 inches fell in their Arlington neighborhood on Sunday.

“Even when the sun is out, it’s melted part of it, but it’s just been great,” said Janis Kimball.

The threat of more snow in the forecast means Janis’ granddaughter can continue working on her sledding techniques.

“I would welcome it because I don’t have to go work anymore, I just babysit my grandkids,” she said. “I can stay home; I don’t have to go anywhere.”

The cold snap gripping the Pacific Northwest is expected to last several more days, which also means keeping warm inside can sometimes come with some risk.

Firefighters say things that can catch fire, like blankets, clothing and furniture, should be kept at least 3 feet away from baseboard and portable heaters.

Plus, all heaters should be UL-certified and never be left on while you’re asleep or out of the house.

And if you do use a portable heater – hear this advice:

“For best practices, use portable heaters directly into your outlets into your wall and one at a time only,” said Joe Meinecke with the Tacoma Fire Department. “Don’t put more one in there and don’t use extension cords or power strips, directly into the wall is best.”

Firefighters also say now is also a good time to double check the batteries in your smoke detectors. Plus, if the equipment is 10 years old, it might be a good time to replace the units.