Strangers help reunite man with dog stolen from gas station

PRICEVILLE, Ala. -- A lot of stories that start this way don't always have happy endings.

Chris Carter and his dog, Bubba, stop at the same Alabama gas station every day. Bubba always waits for him outside, but this time, a man was seen in surveillance video pulling up to the gas station, grabbing Bubba, and driving away, according to WHNT.

Chris was desperate to get Bubba back, and, after his story spread on social media, he got the phone call he had been hoping for.

“The police called me this morning and said ‘Do you want your dog back?’ and I’m like ‘Yes sir!" Chris said.

Almost two weeks after Bubba was taken from a gas station—police had found him.

Priceville Police said someone called them Thursday night saying they had seen the truck in the surveillance video, tipped them off to the tag number, and that’s how they found the man who had Bubba.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy, I mean it’s great. I’ve cried happy tears," Chris said. “I never would have believed that many people would reach out and say those nice things. I didn’t know people cared like that.”

True to his word, Chris showed a WHNT reporter one of Bubba's best tricks – something he'd promised he'd do if he got his buddy back.

“Would you rather be an Auburn fan or be dead?” Chris asked Bubba, who promptly rolled over and played dead.

Police say the man who took Bubba won’t be charged—and Chris is okay with that. He’s just happy that Bubba is unharmed and back in his arms.