Student asks for Nirvana, gets... Nirvana?

SEATTLE -- A Virginia Tech student who asked iconic Seattle grunge band Nirvana to record a message for her school's homecoming -- even though Nirvana's front man Kurt Cobain is nearly 20 years dead -- recently got her wish.

The Virginia Tech homecoming queen requested the band make her "a quick video" for the school's 30,000 students celebrating homecoming, reported. The video would be part of a collage along with Big 'N Rich, the Ying Yang twins and other musical acts intended to celebrate the school annual event.

Well, the seemingly impossible request was granted -- kind of -- by the people at Seattle's Sub Pop Records.

Sub Pop made a video for the girl. But instead of any of the band's original lineup, it featured a girl in a snowman hat, Mark Arm of the Seattle band Mudhoney and others.

Not quite Nirvana, but still a nice gesture from the people at Sub Pop. And remember: Go Hoagies.