Summer hanging on-- feeling like fall soon

One of many clear sunsets this summer on Camano Island, WA Photo: Tim Joyce

After a spectacular weekend-- the Labor Day Holiday will see more clouds today. Most of the showers look to be mostly along the coast and in the Cascades. A few could stray later tonight into the Seattle area and the lowlands around the Puget Sound. Temperatures today should hang around 80 degrees again, but with the high overcast skies expected-- it could feel a little bit muggy.

With a system of low pressure just hanging off shore-- sending a few disturbances our way-- we can expect even cooler temperatures tomorrow down into the mid 70s. Which is still about normal for this time of the year. A chance of some showers mostly in the morning looks pretty likely for Western Washington tomorrow.

Wednesday is looking cloudy and mild with temperatures in the mid to upper 70s-- which could be perfect for that back-to-school outfit the kids might have picked out.

A taste of fall coming up later this week though. I expect cooler and wetter weather heading into Thursday and Friday. Temps only in the low 70s-- with normal about 74-- it's going to feel a little chilly with the moisture in the air. There's also a chance for some Cascade t-storms to roll over the lowlands Thursday afternoon.

The good news is that at this point it looks like we're going to see us dry out for the weekend. So far, Saturday looks cloudier than Sunday.

Labor Day does mark the unofficial end of summer-- and it really has been a great summer, though it officially continues for a few more weeks. At SeaTac-- we've had 35 days 80 or above. A normal calendar year has 24 of these days in Seattle and last year we only had 19! And while it's been warm-- it hasn't been too hot. A typical Seattle summer has 3 days 90 or above-- but we've only seen one of those. 93 degrees in late June was our warmest day of 2013 so far.