Sumner HS basketball players plan to file lawsuit against district, former coach for alleged sexual abuse

Four Sumner High School basketball players and their parents plan to sue the school's former head basketball coach Jacob Jackson and the Sumner-Bonney Lake School District over claims of sexual assault. 

Attorneys representing the students and their parents delivered eight tort-claim forms, which is a notice of intent to file a lawsuit, to the school district on Monday.

Jackson resigned from his coaching position at Sumner High School last year after he was named in another lawsuit alleging he sexually assaulted three minors.

Cole Douglas of Cochrane Douglas, PLLC, represents the students and accuses Jackson of "grooming behaviors."

"Some of the plaintiffs and individuals coming forward were first contacted by Jake Jackson as young as sixth grade," said Douglas. "That's when the grooming first started, and then continued to take place and develop and grow throughout the remainder and tenure at Sumner High School."

Sumner Police told FOX 13 that they are already investigating Jackson, but wouldn't share more details about their case. Jackson was placed on unpaid leave by the school district on Aug. 31.

Jackson's attorney also declined to comment.


Sumner High School basketball coach accused of sexual assault, exploitation in lawsuit

A Sumner High School basketball coach is facing a lawsuit alleging sexual assault and exploitation of a student he coached.

"Everything that [Jackson] did was very calculated in order to build trust and then ultimately, put these kids in a position where they're afraid to say no," said Douglas.

Douglas said one of the main reasons for these tort claims is to make sure what allegedly happened to his clients, doesn't happen again.

"They have to step into the shoes of the parent and protect them in the same manner that a parent would do so. So it's a huge violation of trust," said Douglas.

With these four players coming forward, Douglas believes it may open the door for other potential victims to do the same and let them know

"They're not alone, that they do have strong arms around them, and that they can be supported through this process of finding justice," said Douglas.

FOX 13 reached out to the Sumner-Bonney Lake School District but have not heard back as of Tuesday night.