Tacoma's mayor: 'I want to be held accountable' for campaign promises

TACOMA, Wash. - Just over a month into her term, Tacoma Mayor Victoria Woodards said she is committed to confronting the challenges she promised to fix on the campaign trail.

In an interview last month at her office in City Hall, Woodards spoke about issues at the top of her priority list: jobs, affordability, crime, homelessness. She also spoke about Tacoma’s place in the region, and the lack of focus by some news agencies on issues facing the city.

“The only thing we see in the news, the only thing we hear in the news, is what’s happening in Seattle. Sometimes the story of Tacoma doesn’t get out there as much,” Woodards said. “I think if we get to tell our story more, people will recognize that Tacoma is not the bedroom city of Seattle. That we are our own community with our own identity – also with our own unique set of problems, but with our own unique set of solutions.”

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