Teenagers help gather donations for Syrian refugees

REDMOND, Wash. -- Saturday morning, a couple of Seattle non-profit organizations have teamed up to help Syrians still in Syria and refugees who’ve fled the country.

It’s not in reaction to the recent airstrikes, but an ongoing effort for the past several years since the eight-year war began.

They average about 20,000 pounds of donations at each drive. The Salaam Cultural Museum and the Muslim Association of the Puget Sound put on these drives about three times a year.

The goal is to gather clothing and then sell it to Goodwill by the pound.  They then take that money and buy medicine and other medical supplies for Syrians in Syria and in Jordan.

“It’s really important for them to realize no one has forgotten them. We always have to help,” said Rita Zawaideh from the Salaam Cultural Museum.

It is the efforts of teenagers who help fill these bins with donations.  We spoke with two teen girls from Redmond who say they enjoy being a part of humanitarian efforts.

“We take things for granted. We don’t realize what’s going on all around the world and being able to help those who need the toys and clothes or whatever to give hope,” said voluteen Alia Haq.

“They honestly don’t have the basic necessities.  Just bringing them a jacket, they need that stuff,” said volunteer Sabreena Awad.

Organizers say the need is ongoing and that’s why they’ll continue to collect donations.