‘The Masked Singer’: The Beets, Seal sent home after double elimination

The race to the Golden Mask Trophy continued Wednesday night with another double elimination on "The Masked Singer." 

During the "Soundtrack Of My Life Night," contestants performed songs that held a special place in their hearts, like "One Moment In Time," "It’s Tricky," and "Carry On Wayward Son." 

But unfortunately, the competition had to say goodbye to another two celebrities: Seal and The Beets. 

Here’s a look at who was revealed underneath the costumes. 

Corey Feldman revealed on ‘The Masked Singer’

First, Seal was unmasked and revealed as Corey Feldman, the iconic Hollywood actor known for movies including "The Lost Boys," "The Goonies" and "Stand by Me."

"The legend is in the building," host Nick Cannon told the audience following the reveal.


Seal performs on "Soundtrack of My Life" episode. (Credit: Michael Becker / FOX. ©2024 FOX Media LLC.

The 52-year-old began his career at the age of three and has sustained a career for nearly 50 years as an actor, performing in more than 80 films.

"This is definitely the greatest character I’ve ever played," Feldman told the audience, adding, "I love when my face is covered, and I can be as crazy as I want."

Panelists Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg and Robin Thicke were able to accurately predict that Feldman was under the Seal costume. 

"Corey, I’ve been waiting for you to come on this show," McCarthy Wahlberg said. "I’ve been a fan for a long time … it’s no wonder that the whole world fell in love with you."

Feldman added: "Love wins every time." 

The Beets revealed as ‘American Idol’ alumni

Following Feldman’s reveal, The Beets were the next contestants to be revealed and sent home. 

The vegetable costume turned out to be award-winning musicians from "American Idol" Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard.


The Beets perform on "The Masked Singer. (Credit: Michael Becker / FOX. ©2024 FOX Media LLC.)

"It’s been amazing. We had a good time," Studdard said following the reveal. 

Aiken and Studdard were the two finalists in the second season of "American Idol" in 2003. 

"It’s been a blast," Aiken added. 

Next week on ‘The Masked Singer’

Next week, it’s "Final Four" night on "The Masked Singer."

Next week the groups' champions face off against each other for the first time in the quarter-finals.

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In this round, Poodle, Moth, Gumball, Clock and Goldfish will sing their hearts out to songs like "Price Tag," "I’m Yours" and "Unforgettable." 

Only three contestants will head into the semi-finals, and another celebrity will be unmasked.

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