Thieves rob man at gunpoint, brag about heist on victim's Snapchat

TACOMA, Wash. – A Tacoma man said two thieves used his Snapchat account to brag about robbing him at gunpoint for his cell phone and backpack Friday night.

The man, known as “Mark,” said he watched the robbers post to his social media accounts, and tracked their searches on his google account in real time after they stole his phone.

“I was scared I was going to lose my life,” said Mark.

The thought, “He’s actually going to kill me,” is all that he said ran through his mind.

Mark isn’t showing his face or using his real name because he said he’s afraid the two men that robbed him on Friday night in Tacoma may come back for retaliation.

“I am thinking it was a gang initiation,” he said.

Mark said the crime took place around 11:30 p.m. Friday near South State Street and South 54th Street in Tacoma.

“He told me this is 5-6 mafia I am not playing,” Mark said. “He shot the gun up in the air towards my head and took my backpack and my phone.”

David Brallier lives in the neighborhood where the shooting occurred and thought he heard a firework.

“I didn’t think much or investigate it,” he said.

Mark said after the robbers drove off, he ran to his mother’s house nearby and called Tacoma Police.

In the meantime, Mark said he started getting frustrated more couldn’t be done.

“They were stupid enough to post their face on Snapchat,” said Mark. “They may have had a bandana but it shows their eye, eyebrows and their gun.”

“How stupid,” said Brallier. “I couldn’t believe that they’d be so dumb, but I hope they get them, just for that.”

Mark and Brallier said they’ve had enough of the crime in their area. They said they are scared to go out after dark for fear they may be targeted again.

“I am hoping he gets caught and gets what he deserves and karma will get them hard,” said Mark.

Mark said he wished he had password protected his phone. A recent purchase, he said he hadn’t set up security before the robbery.