Thousands Protest Trump Immigration Polices, SCOTUS Travel Ban Ruling

SEATAC, Wash. – People across Western Washington joined the rest of the nation in rallies against the Trump Administration’s zero-tolerance immigration policy specifically citing the separation of children from their parents who arrive at the southern border seeking asylum.  Plus, protesters standing up after the supreme court’s decision to uphold the president’s revised travel ban.

The Tacoma Refugee Choir says its mission is to build a more welcoming community through song.  The choir is as diverse as our nation and its members lent their musical talents to this Tacoma rally in support of immigrants and refugees.

“The hope is I will run to a place where I can feel safe,” said Tresor John, Co-Director of Tacoma Refugee Choir.

People who spoke today say the Trump Administration’s treatment of asylum seekers and ban against certain refugees is unamerican.

“Talking about that doesn’t mean I hate the country. It means that I want it to realize there’s problems and that we want to move forward,” said protester Alaa Alshaibani.

Others here argue we’re going backwards now after the Supreme Court’s ruling upholding the travel ban.

“I’m tired of being silent and I want my voice heard,” said Alshaibani.

So they came out and flooded the streets from Tacoma to SeaTac.

“We can’t just hide behind our keyboards. We have to get out on the streets and bodies count,” said protester Steve Kennevan.

The sheer volume of passionate protesters brought some to tears.

“It says that a lot of people still care, and it makes me want to cry almost,” said protester Margaret Newcomb.

With one voice shouting out for the detained immigrant women separated from their children.

“Families belong together! No human is illegal!” chanted the crowd.

They argue the solution is simple.

“The solution is to reunite them and grant asylum and of course anyone with a criminal background should be looked into but to just do a blanket separation?” said Kennevan.

Mary protesting today believe current policies against immigration or the travel ban are fueled by fear and racism and can only be overturned in November.

“People go out and vote. Bring our country back,” said Newcomb.