Tips for a pet-friendly Thanksgiving

SEATTLE -- We think of our pets as part of the family and on Thanksgiving, we could be tempted to give them what everyone else is eating.

Some foods you'll find on the Thanksgiving table are not safe for pets.

Here are five tips from Seattle Humane to keep pets healthy and happy during the holidays:

1. Keep the feast out of reach!

Agile and creative dogs or cats can capture a special treat from the kitchen counter, trash or even the dining room table.

2. Resist offering your leftovers.

Rich and fatty foods like dressing, pie, and gravy can lead to serious and painful pancreatitis.

3. No turkey bones!

Turkey bones can cause very serious and sometimes fatal consequences for your pet.

4. Plan ahead for pets.

Stop by a pet food store and purchase some new dog biscuits or cat treats and then reduce the amount of his regular meal to accommodate the treats he will be getting throughout the day.

Remember, biscuits and treats are usually much higher in calories than regular pet food, so having him skip dinner may be a prudent choice if he has been snacking all day.

5. Make a special treat.

Some people enjoy cooking for their dog and cat while they are cooking for the rest of the family.

Pick up a recipe book just for companion animals at the book store, or just type “homemade pet treat recipes” into your favorite web search engine for lots of interesting choices.

Seattle Humane suggests these foods to share with your dog:

    These are foods that dogs should not eat: