Top five cities to be a chicken

SEATTLE – Real estate brokerage company Redfin has named the top five cities that have embraced urban farming, which include chicken coops.

1.Portland, Ore.

2. Ventura, Calif.

3. San Diego, Calif.

4. Sacramento, Calif.

5. Seattle

The rankings were based upon homes that have hit the market in the last three months with chicken enclosures mentioned in the listing. Redfin found properties with chicken coops were smaller, with smaller homes but bigger price tags.

Redfin says Seattle homeowners can keep up to eight chickens, as long as the coops are at least ten feet away from homes. Chickens aren’t allowed to roam off property, so there needs to be some sort of pen on the property.

Urban farming has grown in popularity over the years as more people have become more health conscious and locavores.

“Seattleites are foodies and conscious about what they put into their bodies,” Bree Al-Rashid, Redfin agent said. “A lot of people have created urban farms on their property; they grow organic vegetables in their garden and raise chickens in their backyard. You'd be surprised by how many homes for sale have coops. Sometimes they're the front-and-center focal point of a yard, and sometimes they're unobtrusive, covered by trees and bushes."