Touchdown! Crowd goes wild as deer runs across field during Coupeville football game

COUPEVILLE, Wash. -- The stadium lit up Friday night as a Coupeville High football player returned a kick for a touchdown, but it wasn't just the touchdown return that had the crowd going wild.

A deer ran on the Whidbey Island field just as Sean Toomey-Stout recovered the kick. As Toomey-Stout runs down the field, so does the deer, delighting fans who caught the epic play on video. The video above was taken by Wren McCallister, whose son kicked the football that was returned for a touchdown.

Toomey-Stout's mother, Beth, joked that the deer was blocking for her son. But it's worth noting that the deer only got 95 yards, while Toomey-Stout has racked up more than 1,000 yards in five games.

The game was between Coupeville and Kings High School. It was a 1A football match.

Beth Stout said Coupeville is a really small team, and the deer's appearance really helped to hype up the stadium Friday night.