‘Everybody makes mistakes’; WA hit-and-run victim's family seeks help

The King County Sheriff’s Office released more information of a hit-and-run collision earlier this week, in hopes the public can help identify the truck involved.

On Sunday, June 16 at 7:17 p.m., deputies were dispatched to the intersection of SE200th Street and 148th Avenue Southeast in unincorporated King County for a hit-and-run injury collision.

June 24 update: New photo of the suspect vehicle showing left front quarter panel damage.

A woman suffered critical injuries and had to be hospitalized at Harborview Medical Center after being struck by a white Cadillac Escalade while crossing the street. The victim has been identified by family as 64-year-old Yin May.

"My mom is doing okay," said May’s daughter Kristy Phyu. "I just want her to get better."

The 64-year-old woman is described as a vivacious and energetic woman — that’s why seeing her in a hospital bed is so difficult for the family.

"Normally she’d be walking," said Phyu. "She walks an hour a day. That’s what she was doing when she was hit on Father’s Day."

Investigators said, based on evidence, the vehicle that hit May was a white or cream-colored 2007–2014 Cadillac Escalade. It has a missing or damaged driver’s side mirror. The Escalade is missing a front plate and has six-spoke chrome rims, chrome running boards, and a roof rack. On June 24 the KCSO released an updated photo showing that the vehicle has left quarter panel damage.

"It was a Good Samaritan who helped her before the ambulance arrived," said Phyu. "She now has about four months of physical therapy ahead of her."

Anyone with information or who may recognize the car is asked to send tips to: KCSO.MarrUnitTips@kingcounty.gov

"I just hope that person comes forward and turn themselves in," said Phyu. "Everybody makes mistakes."


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