Walter Jones makes good on bet he lost to a middle-school student

SAMMAMISH, Wash.  -- A friendly wager brought former Seahawk and NFL Hall of Fame member Walter Jones to a local school Wednesday.

Jones -- one of only four Seahawks inducted into the Hall of Fame -- thrilled students at Pine Lake Middle School in Sammamish at a student-led food drive.

The visit was the result of a bet that Jones lost ... to Pine Lake student Kate Colbourne.

Last year, she bet Jones that she could out-cycle him at a fundraiser for the medical expenses of a fellow Seahawk's son.

"Me and him had a friendly bet on who could get the highest score for the indoor cycling thing. And whoever lost would take the other person out to lunch," Kate said.

"And I won that bet. So instead of taking me out to lunch, I said, 'Hey, why don't you come to this assembly?'"

"So I came out," Jones said. "And it was something that really touched me."

Wednesday's food drive benefits Pine Lake's sister school in Tukwila, where 90 percent of the students qualify for free or reduced meals.