Washington marijuana businesses making push into California

SEATTLE -- Legalization of recreational marijuana in California began on New Year’s Day and it is bringing pot, CBD oil, and baked edibles to a new market.

But are they baked goods -- or goods that get you baked?

Jody Hall is happy either way.

“I call our customer the 'cannabis curious,' and I call them the 'Welcome Back Potters.'"

And she knows of what she speaks.

Her line of marijuana-infused edibles "Goodship" are a new brand from her other success: Cupcake Royale.

Her foray into marijuana edibles is the same premium product business model -- just with an extra additive.

“I think people are focused on what they're ingesting and they want good, wholesome ingredients,” Hall said.

Now she's aiming for a bigger prize: California.

The new year brought the Golden State into line with other West Coast states for marijuana retail shops and products.

That even playing field may expand the number of people who want to buy, but could undercut any attempt to make Seattle a special destination for pot tourism.

Erin Green, director of operations for Sodo’s Vela dispensary, says it just takes a shift in the sell -- make a pot shop visit part of the "Seattle experience," an add-on rather than the main attraction.

“A lot of their convention participants want a cannabis tour of some sort to be part of their Seattle visit,” she said.

Unlike the wild west gold rush, it's a pile of red tape. No two states or even counties have the same regulations.

Hall can't bake here and sell in California, for example.

So it becomes an issue of branding and trying to keep the same recipes and approach.

“Can you imagine your product in this market has to say these words and this market, so it's really going to take a lot of time to figure out, but obviously California is the sixth-largest economy in the world,” she said.

It'll be easier for bigger groups to expand, while others may just focus locally.

Hall will take her big name to one of the biggest states -- and make the most of the new competition.

“Part of this incredible renaissance that's coming our way,” she said.