'We were just asking them to clean up:' Teens attack man on Lake Stevens dock

LAKE STEVENS, Wash. -- A man is recovering after he and other adults were attacked by a group of teens partying on a Lake Stevens dock.

Jason Schultz suffered a black eye, concussion and some spinal swelling following an attack at Wyatt Park on Lake Stevens.

Schultz said he was at the park after dinner Sunday when he saw a large group of teens cussing, partying and throwing litter into the lake. A few adults went on the dock to calm the teens down when the teens suddenly attacked, he said.

"The kids just initiated everything," Schultz said. "We were asking them to clean up and they just jumped on us. It's not right."

Schultz said before he knew it, he was on the ground.

"I got stomped on the face by some teenage girls," Schultz said. "Then they stomped me on my back."

More adults intervened and broke up the fight.

Police called to the scene arrested four juveniles and one adult, Lake Stevens officers said. The case was forwarded to the Snohomish County Prosecutor's Office for possible charges.

There have been a number of unruly teens hanging at the dock lately, Schultz said, and quite a few neighbors have complained.

"It's horrible," Schultz said. "They've been going around pretty much just beating people up and partying and stealing from stores."

The Lake Stevens Police Department said anyone who sees unruly groups should call 911.

"The lake should be there for all to enjoy," Lake Stevens police said.