West Seattle watching for burglars

WEST SEATTLE -- A rash of home burglaries in West Seattle has community members on edge.

One woman chased down a man that police say took off with her bicycle on Thursday. Cops were able to arrest the suspect.

But the crime now has people keeping a close eye on suspicious activity.

“There are a lot of break-ins happening and it’s nothing I’ve ever heard this often before. It is a little concerning and worrisome because I feel like West Seattle has always been a really safe, family oriented neighborhood,” resident Persia Saffaie said. “Now we have to think twice when we go outside.”

Police reports detail the crimes ranging from home burglaries and thefts.Crooks are taking off with anything from laptops to tents, the items taken right out of people’s homes and yards.

“It has gotten so worse,” said resident Dianna Reed. ”It’s really bad.”

Reed has lived in the neighborhood for years – she’s near Fauntleroy Way where two home burglaries were reported in just two days.

Neighbors said they plan to keep a close eye on each other and call police at any signs of suspicious activity.