What can we do? Seattle traffic is getting much worse, new report says

SEATTLE -- An annual report by the state shows drive times around the Puget Sound continue to grow and roads are becoming more congested.

The annual Corridor Capacity Report shows drive times in just the last few years are growing by a wide margin. Commuters driving their own vehicle from Everett to Seattle took 62 minutes on a regular basis back in 2011.

In 2013, that same commute grew to 80 minutes.

Drivers from Federal Way are also spending more time behind the wheel. The average commute took just under an hour every morning as drivers spent 57 minutes getting to work. Now, that same drive time takes over an hour as drivers spend 69 minutes on the road.

Commuters at popular park and ride in Lynnwood say they own cars but cannot beat the convenience of riding the bus.

Robyn Abramson said, “I don’t want to sit in the middle of rush hour or especially coming back in the afternoon. Public transportation I’m back in 40 minutes if I’m driving coming back in the afternoon it will take me at least an hour.”

Drivers say  their commute times are almost cut in half by taking the bus.

Kevin Kendall said, “I don’t have to pay for parking. I don’t have to fight the traffic. I can sit and listen to my music or read a book on the way down so it’s a win-win for me.”

Every rider we spoke with says they have noticed the changes in traffic and that has driven them to take the bus.