Wolverines in the North Cascades: Have you seen one in wild?

Rocky the wolverine in the North Cascades

EVERETT -- Keith Aubry, a scientist with the U.S. Forest Service’s Pacific Northwest Research Station, will present the latest information on the status of wolverines in Washington state at the at the Northwest Stream Center in Snohomish County’s Mc Collum Park Thursday night, it was announced Tuesday.

“Until recently, we did not have a clear picture of their range or an estimate of how many there are in our area,” said Tom Murdoch of The Adopt A Stream Foundation.  “Keith has been studying wolverines in the North Cascades since 2006, when he became the first researcher to radio-collar a wolverine anywhere in the Pacific states.

“One of the first wolverines he collared, an adult male named Rocky, was recaptured and monitored during 2012, when he mated with 2 females (Xena and Mallory) at 8 years of age.  The 2 dens that Aubry’s team located last year are the first wolverine reproductive dens ever described in this region.”

Aubry will present magnificent wolverine images showing their habits and habitat requirements, and share many amazing “nose to nose” tales about this very secretive animal Thursday night, Murdoch said.

U.S. Forest Service scientist Keith Aubry with a wolverine in the North Cascades

This Streamkeeper Academy presentation, will be conducted at the Adopt A Stream Foundation’s North Stream Center in Snohomish County’s Mc Collum Park, 600-128th Street SE, Everett,98208.  Registration in advance is required by calling 425-316-8592; $5 members/$7 non-members.