WSP seeks witnesses in brick throwing crime on I-90

A victim's front windshield was shattered by a brick that struck their truck while driving on I-90 near Rainier Ave.

Photos from the Washington State Patrol (WSP) show how a brick flew through the truck’s front windshield and landed on the center console. (Photo: Washington State Patrol)

On Tuesday afternoon, the Washington State Patrol received a call about a victim reporting that a brick had been thrown at their vehicle while driving westbound on I-90 near Rainier Ave.

Shortly after, two other drivers reported getting their vehicles hit in the same area, including a person driving the Enterprise rental truck.

The rental truck driver said a brick flew through their front windshield, landing in the center console of their truck. The brick struck their right arm and they suffered minor injuries.

When troopers arrived at the scene, they were unable to locate the suspect. The only description provided was of a male wearing all black with a hat.

Troopers ask anyone who witnessed the incident or has information about the suspect to call WSP at (425) 401-7788. They advise drivers to immediately report any incidents involving debris being thrown near the freeway to the Washington State Patrol.


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